Sunday, 23 April 2006

Untold Blessings

I spent part of this evening planning some group sessions for my parish in Eastertide. In Lent we had five meetings based on the diocesan 'Christ Among Us' programme, which reflected on the Sunday readings (though the material provided had to be adapted to meet local needs). Only a handful of people came along but they all wanted to continue studying the Faith in some way. I toyed with the idea of systematically going through the new Compendium of the Catechism (available in the U.K. through the Catholic Truth Society), but then I decided this was impractical since I expect to move parish in the summer.

Luckily I've come across a wonderful DVD resource, courtesy of the Archdiocese of Chicago! Occasionally in the past I've visited Fr Robert Barron's Word On Fire site when I've suffered from 'preachers block' - all priests know that desperate lack of inspiration as they sit in front of the computer screen on a Saturday afternoon. Fr Barron is one of the best modern homilists I've come across - a lively, engaging style (almost 'evangelical') combined with solid content, with many images drawn from the Fathers of the Church and classic Catholic authors (such as Chesterton and Merton).

Anyway, now he's produced a DVD called Untold Blessings - six 20 minute talks on the 'path to holiness.' According to Cardinal George, 'Fr Barron challenges us to embrace the Gospel and hear the call to discipleship. This DVD is another tool that will help people to be transformed in Christ and live the Catholic faith authentically.' It is indeed powerful stuff and I hope our little group will find it helpful and instructive. I recommend readers to purchase the DVD - it's only $5 (plus shipping), and it arrived in the U.K. within days once I had e-mailed The Message Shop. It might just be what your parish is looking for this Eastertide!


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