Monday, 18 September 2006

Demonstration at the Cathedral

I'm sure most of you have seen Catholic Londoner's excellent 'exclusive' report about the militant anti-Benedict demonstrations outside Westminster Cathedral yesterday. I feel duty bound to acknowledge Joee Bloggs since, thanks to a link to Roman Miscellany on his much read post, I've so far received 390 hits today!

Of course, the Cathedral is no stranger to mass hysteria. When the Cathedral foundations were being laid just over a century ago there were reports in the extreme Protestant press that these would become the dungeons of a new Inquisition!

Likewise when Pope John Paul celebrated Mass there in 1982, Ian Paisley and his friends organised a demonstration protesting against the visit of the 'Anti-Christ.'

Such is the cross we bear when we witness to the 'Faith of our Fathers.'



Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Wayne Williams told me: "you have to carry your cross, paint it the color you like, but carry it" it took me quite some time to grasp the deeper meaning. The question hh Benedikt mentionned was not for you Fr Nicholas but your comment is the right answer. Thankyou!


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