Sunday, 24 December 2006

Film Meme

Cally's Kitchen has tagged me with the following meme:

My Favourite Film - I love the Ealing Comedies and I think Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949) is superb. Dennis Price plays Louis Mazzini, a junior and disinherited member of the noble D'Ascoyne family, who kills his relatives (all of whom are played by the peerless Alec Guiness) so that he can become Duke. The script sparkles with wit, such as Louis' comment after shooting down Lady Agatha in her hot-air balloon: 'I shot an arrow in the air / She fell to earth in Berkeley Square.'

My Favourite Religious Film - hmmm, a difficult one. Some of my favourites are listed below, but one that isn't is A Man for All Seasons (1966), starring my talented namesake, Paul Scofield (without an 'h').

My Favourite Film Priest - I think it has to be Fernandel playing the lead character in the Don Camillo films - comic acting, yes, but also a very human and masculine portrayal of Priesthood. The scenes in which Don Camillo dialogues with the miraculous crucifix in his little church are a beautiful essay in prayer.

My Favourite Film Nun - three clear contenders: Audrey Hepburn (as Sister Luke in The Nun's Story, 1959), Ingrid Bergman (as Bing Crosby's side-kick, Sister Mary Benedict, in The Bells of St Mary's, 1945) and Sydney Penny (as St Bernadette in Jean Delannoy's beautiful The Passion of Bernadette, 1989). I'd be happy to have any of these working in my parish!

Can I tag Fr Tim, Valle in Adurni and the Westminster Cathedral Administrator (if a meme doesn't compromise the semi-official nature of his blog)? - but only if they have time during the 'twelve days of Christmas.'



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