Saturday, 28 April 2007

Back from Bavaria

Well, I'm back from my eight day break in the north of England and Bavaria - it sounds extravagant but I was able to stay with friends and to benefit from cheap flights, so it was quite an inexpensive holiday. The above picture sums up something of the last few days in the Pope's homeland, showing myself with the famous Fr Whinder in the beer garden at Kloster Andechs. The Benedictine Abbey is well known for its beer and it claims to have been providing 'pleasure for body and soul since 1455,' thanks to the brewery and the beautiful baroque church, celebrated for its three miraculous hosts.

Yesterday we had a wonderful lunch at the Bruckmüller brewery in Amberg. Here is the table where we sat:

According to the waitress, it was on this very table that Cardinal Ratzinger sat with his brother, Georg, just four weeks before his election as Supreme Pontiff. I'm sure, as a born-and-bred Bavarian, he would have appreciated the Latin inscription over the bar:

Qui bene bibit, bene dormit.
Qui bene dormit, non peccat.
Qui non peccat, venit in caelum.
Qui bene bibit, venit in caelum.

Many more posts to follow!



Blogger Florestan said...

Father, have you gone all French while in Bayern? Surely they sell shaving gear in southern Germany.

12:49 pm  
Blogger Fr Nicholas said...

Well, the picture was taken shortly after landing in Bayern - we had a very early start, so perhaps the shaving on that particular day was less than perfect. And, hey, I was on holiday!

1:48 pm  
Blogger Jeffrey Smith said...

I'd say that picture's worthy of a caption contest.

8:34 pm  

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