Saturday 12 April 2008


It was wonderful, as always, to be in Venice. However, as you can see in the above picture, the weather was decidedly overcast and rainy. Moreover, because of the poor exchange rates, Europe is becoming more expensive (1.2 euros to the pound - I remember the good old days when it was nearer 2 euros to the pound) - however, I doubt I'll get much sympathy from American readers!

There was a brief spell of sun on Monday, which allowed me to take the above shot of the Benedictine monastery of San Giorgio, with a rather charming shrine in the foreground (a statue of Our Lady in the green 'canopy').

One of the great ways to enter Venice is by train, since the moment you leave the station you're on the Grand Canal. Above you can see a photo of the first church you see on arriving: San Simeone Piccolo, showing the rather unfortunate custom of using scaffolding around churches for advertising. A closer look at the board revealed the kind of activities that take place within San Simeone, thanks to the Fraternity of St Peter:

Perhaps it would have been more appropriate for the model in the advert to wear a mantilla?



Blogger Adulio said...

Have they managed to get rid of those annoying weeds on the steps of San Simone Piccolo?

I love the feel of that church - a very Italianate rugged style. The sacristy had plaster coming down on the floor unfortunately.

5:56 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back Father Nicholas!

1:14 am  

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