Saturday, 24 January 2009

Ecumenical Fruits

Good news about the SSPX excommunications being remitted at the end of Christian Unity Week. There is still a long way to go and I'm sure that members of the Society will be divided over the path that lies ahead. As it happens, I spotted the cassocked figure of Bishop Fellay in the newsagents at Fiumicino airport on Monday as I was waiting for the plane (and struggling to carry the bottles of digestivi I had just bought from 'duty free'), so I thought something might be in the air!

Let us continue to pray for the unity of the Church.



Blogger David Lindsay said...

It was, apparently, an outrage that this country did not allow in Geert Wilders, the latest demagogic defender of the drugged-up, whore-ridden land - a sort of George Osborne expressed as a country - into which the Netherlands has been turned without reference to her population at large.

But the equally ludicrous and unpleasant Richard Williamson, understandably kicked out of Argentina, must, apparently, be extradited to Germany. To the best of my knowledge, it is not illegal there or anywhere else to deny, minimise or in any way question Stalin's massacre of the kulaks, or Pol Pot's killing fields, or the disappearances in Pinochet's Chile, or ... well, make your own list. It is simply an error in historical scholarship, to be corrected as such by historians. So is minimising the Holocaust.

No extradition.

Just excoriation and ridicule.

That would hit far, far harder.

But, of course, this is not really about the Holocaust. It is about ensuring that the recognition of Vatican II as in no sense a canonisation of mid-twentieth-century secular humanism (itself now a thing of the past), but instead comprehensible and implementable only by reference to its own specific texts as read within and under the Tradition of two thousand years, cannot come to pass.

It must come to pass if there is to be any reconciliation of the greater part of the Lefebvrist body (though probably not of Williamson). Indeed, it must come to pass anyway, and would have done so at this historical juncture anyway.

But the ageing, dwindling, Wildersite remnant of mid-twentieth-century secular humanism, both within and beyond the Church, is determined to stop it.

It is they who must be stopped.

6:02 pm  

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