Sunday, 4 June 2006

Benedict and Blair

Tony Blair met the Pope yesterday and had a 'dynamic discussion' lasting nearly 40 minutes. The ceremonial of such visits is always impressive - but the presentation of gifts was rather unusual. Our Prime Minister gave the Holy Father silver cuff-links, books and a (budget-price) CD box set of Mozart's piano concertos, performed by Daniel Barenboim and the Berlin Philharmonic. From the BBC pictures, it was clear that this had just been picked up from a Roman store, because the security tag was still attached. I hope this doesn't set any Vatican alarms off!


Anonymous Nancy said...

It could be worse. I recall reading somewhere that Bill Clinton gave John Paul a cookbook.

5:25 am  
Blogger Fr Nicholas said...

Now that is naff - next they'll be presenting the Holy Father with white socks and handkerchiefs!

8:42 pm  

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