Sunday, 11 June 2006

My New Parish

Last week I said that I would be moving parish in September. Since the announcement has now been made in my new parish, I can now reveal on this blog that I'm going to Our Lady and St Joseph's, Kingsland - a busy parish in the Hackney area (towards the east of London). I'm delighted that my parish priest will be Fr Christopher Colven, who (like my current PP) is a convert from Anglicanism. Here's a picture of him (courtesy of the parish website), which also includes a view of the church interior (not at all bad for a church opened in 1964):

The parish newsletter this week put the news of my appointment in the following words:

We have a new assistant priest who has been appointed to Kingsland from September. His name is Fr Nicholas Schofield and he is at present working at Our Lady of Willesden parish. Father Nicholas is 30 and was ordained in 2003. He read history at Oxford (graduating with a first class degree) and then trained for the priesthood at the English College, Rome. Because he is an historian (with several published works to his name) he is also the Diocesan Archivist – as was a former assistant here, Father Ian Dickie, before him. This means that he will spend two half days each week at the Archives in Kensington. Father Nicholas is very much a “son” of the diocese as his family live at Rickmansworth: we look forward to getting to know him.

Kind words (and, I hasten to add, I did not write them myself) - though I hope parishioners aren't expecting a world-class, best-selling historian! Anyway, do remember the parishes of Willesden and Kingsland - and your humble blogger - in your prayers. Thanks.



Blogger Joee Blogs said...

Congrats Fr! Looks like a really nice parish too! Hope they have broadband internet there so you can keep bloggin'! :D

11:18 pm  
Anonymous Judith said...

Congratulations on your new assignment! Went to the website of Our Lady and St. Joseph's to read their "history" and found it very interesting. Also was over joyed to read a rather positive opinion on the Tridentine Mass, hopefully it will be a reality someday, again, for all Catholics. Still enjoy your blog, and hope you will have time after September to continue with it.

3:23 am  
Anonymous Andrew said...

Argh damn! I'd hope you would be transferred to St. James - Spanish Place. Much more of a seeting for a priest like you and they have the old rite every Sunday and hold day of obligation.

Well - the Lord sends his followers where they are needed the most.

Mya God Bless you

11:59 am  
Blogger Fr Nicholas said...

Well, a central London address isn't everything - and I'm pleased to be going to Hackney and to be working with a well-respected priest! Comne and visit some time...

11:16 am  
Blogger the dúnadan said...

Hello Fr. Nicholas...

... from the 'webmaster' of Our Lady & St Joseph's website. Viewing the statistics page of the website has brought me here to your blog. I look forward to virtually getting to know you through the blog this summer and then really meeting you in September!

(aka dúnadan [for blogging] aka webmaster)

8:12 pm  
Blogger Fr Nicholas said...

Hello Malcolm! Congrats on the fantastic parish website and, yes, I look forward to meeting you in the autumn (when this blog will acquire a distinctive Kingsland slant!).

9:56 pm  
Blogger the dúnadan said...

Thank you for the congrats! I have taken the liberty of putting a link to Roman Miscellany on my own blog. I hope this is alright with you (just let me know otherwise). I was wondering whether to put one on the OLSJ website links page but thought you might prefer to wait till you in the parish...? Wasn't sure so have left it out for now.

9:40 pm  
Blogger Fr Nicholas said...

Re. the OLSJ site, it is probably best to wait until I arrive before placing a link. But thanks for putting a link on your own site. Happy blogging!

10:29 pm  

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