Sunday, 23 July 2006

Catholic Record Society

I'm off to Liverpool Hope University tomorrow morning for the annual conference of the Catholic Record Society. Since I'm flying to Tuscany early on Wednesday, I'm only staying for one night, so that I can attend the meeting of the Council (of which I'm a member due to my work as Westminster archivist) and listen to a few lectures.

According to the website, 'the Catholic Record Society, which was founded in 1904, is the premier Catholic historical society in the United Kingdom and is devoted to the study of Roman Catholicism in the British Isles from the Reformation period to the present day.' I encourage any readers with an interest in English Catholic history to join - for an annual subsciption of (I think) £25 you get two copies of its substantial and highly respected journal (Recusant History) and either a monograph or a volume from the famous blue-bound Records series. In this day and age, this is good value!


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