Friday, 22 September 2006

Blogging Matters

Just returned from a relaxing drink with parish blogger, the dĂșnadan (Cally's Kitchen). We briefly discussed the low profile of English Catholic blogs, when compared to our American friends. Mega-blogger Joee Bloggs has now been given the opportunity of appearing on a BBC Radio 5 Live bloggers show, thus representing the English Catholic blogosphere - please do leave a comment on his blog to help make this a reality!

By the way, Cardinal O'Malley of Boston is experimenting with blogging as he makes a ten day visit to the Eternal City - click here to read his posts.



Blogger Joee Blogs said...

hello fr nick,
not to be published:
there's a comment by a guy called JDH, he's a friend of a friend, and a bit of a liberal with a liberal agenda. ive not allowed the few comments he's left on my blog cos i think its bad for non catholics to see that there are indeed dessenting liberal catholics who are actually *young*.
keep up the great bloggin'!
in Xto

6:29 pm  

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