Friday, 1 September 2006

The Last Weekend

It's now countdown time as I prepare to move parish from Harlesden to Hackney! The next few days are going to be totally mad - 'farewell' Masses at the school and in the parish, 'farewell' visits to the housebound, 'farewell' meals and cups of tea, not to mention the growing nightmare of sorting my things out (at least the removers are going to do the packing).

Hopefully I'll be able to resume regular blogging before long - at least my new desktop is being delivered to my new parish today and I'm sure the 19" flat screen will be a suitable incentive to blog! Watch this space.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Nick,

I am actually using your blogger response, more like an email, so you don't need to publish this on your blog, although I don't mind if you choose to.

You must be wondering who this is, it's Tim, that is Tim from long ago, our school years.

I am glad to see you are doing so well, but I never thought you would struggle in life. I have noticed you don't seem to get the glamorous locations when it comes to Parishes, but I am guessing that is something you actually like.

I know it has been a long time, but it would be nice to get back in touch, hence this message. I know you have plenty of commitments, but if you would like to get back in contact my email address is

Honestly I am contacting you I would say more than just as an old friend as I have found I have lots of questions about religion and because we were such close friends before and because I have always respected your intelligence you seemed to be the right person to approach. I have questions I want to ask, but that I wouldn’t be comfortable asking someone I don’t know at all.

Now I feel I have obligated you to respond, which isn’t what I want. but if you would like to get in contact please do reply.

Kind regards


7:01 pm  

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