Tuesday, 6 February 2007

The Community of Our Lady of Walsingham

Many readers will have heard of the Community of Our Lady of Walsingham, based in Abbotswick in Essex, where they run the House of Prayer for the Diocese of Brentwood. Established three years ago out of a Vocations Group for Women that met at Westminster Cathedral, they are Britain's youngest religious community. I've never visited them but have heard good reports from my brother priests. Anyway, they have just launched a new website (including a blog).

Although rooted in the Carmelite tradition, they describe their 'central charism' as 'vocational' and aim to support people in all states of life and especially diocesan clergy. With this in mind they are organising annual conferences, retreats and seminars to help people live their calling to the full - including one for priests this coming October.

They're also probably the first religious community to use the term 'chill out time' in their daily timetable!



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