Sunday, 25 February 2007

Where I'll Be Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow evening, after fulfilling my archival duties, I'm meeting a priest friend at Waterloo and catching the Eurostar to Paris for a 24 hour visit. Hopefully, on our arrival, we'll go to my favourite Paris restaurant, Chartier (suitably inexpensive for Lent - and, as a penance, you do have to share your table with other diners, but the atmosphere and food is absolutely fantastique):

So, no blogging til Wednesday...



Blogger Sharon said...

Living in Australia you can imagine how I feel to hear that you will be catching the train to Paris for a meal! One other priest I read about caught a plane to Switzerland for a week! You all speak about travel as if it were nothing special. For us, such trips would have to be accompanied by months of planning. I can understand why Aussies who go to Europe find it difficult to return to Australia.

3:59 am  

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