Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Cardinal's SOR Statement

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor recently issued this statement regarding the on-going debate over Sexual Orientation Regulations (SOR):

Noting the fact that the Sexual Orientation Regulations are being voted on in the House of Commons today (Monday 19th March, 2007), I again express our concern at their impact, not only on adoption services, but on cooperation between faith-based voluntary agencies and public authorities in public funded services.

It is, surely, an abuse of Parliamentary democracy that these Regulations are being considered by Parliament only through a hurriedly arranged and very brief meeting of 16 appointed MPs, and a short debate in the House of Lords. During the House of Commons Committee meeting opportunity for serious debate was denied.

Profound public concern about aspects of these Regulations has not been heard. The debate on Wednesday in the House of Lords, although important in itself, will hardly compensate for the lack of a full debate in the House of Commons. Our society’s understanding of the pattern of family life and of the role of conscience and religious belief in public life remains a very important part of the political agenda.

You can sign a petition asking for an exemption for Church adoption agencies at the 10 Downing Street site (nearly 3,000 signatures). And whilst you're at it, there is another petition against the Abortion Act, which all are encouraged to sign.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont know how to reconcile the non acceptence of same sex couples adoption and the highly publicised Masses in Soho which are at the very least gay friendly?I feel much more offended by the latter which is totally within the jurisdiction of the Church then the former which is an inevitable clash between Church and state which could have been discreetly decidied about before taking a stand

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