Friday, 3 August 2007

The Catholic Press

A few weeks ago James Kelly asked if he could interview me for The Catholic Times, partly to promote the Cardinals book and the diocesan archive (although many other issues are explored). It's printed in this week's edition - though it was rather unnerving to see a large picture of my face on the front page (I didn't think the item would be so prominent). I was amused that I was described as a 'film buff', a 'vocations director' (since I said that every priest is a vocations director) and also, for the first time in my life, as 'a very modern priest' (I hope in a positive sense!). Anyway, a warm welcome to any readers who have been directed here by the interview.

I've also got an article in Catholic Life (on the Italian hermit, San Pellegrino) - although they've misprinted my name as 'Fr Michael Schofield'!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must check out your photo! You look just fine to me! What interesting travels you've been on & now fame & adulation on your return! Keep it up!

8:24 am  

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