Friday, 19 September 2008

APGL Conference

I've been asked to advertise the following conference, organised by the excellent Association of Priests for the Gospel of Life and open to clergy:

Wednesday 29 October 2008
St Wilfrid’s Hall
The London Oratory
Brompton Road, SW7 2RP
The Conference is open to all priests.
Deacons and seminarians are also welcome.

Registration at 11.15am
Keynote Speaker: Fr John Saward
(author of Redeemer in the womb,
The way of the Lamb
etc) will speak on:

‘Pius XII and Preaching the Gospel of Life’

A buffet lunch will be provided.
Pro-life literature will be available.

The afternoon session will include Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (with Confessions), Rosary and Benediction.
Tea will be served after Benediction and the Conference will conclude by 4pm

To help us with catering, please leave a message on 020 8300 2697 or send an email to if you are coming to the conference.
There is no charge but donations will be welcome.

The Oratory is next to the Victoria and Albert Museum. (Nearest tube station South Kensington.) Enter the courtyard in front of the Oratory House.
St Wilfrid’s Hall is upstairs in the building on the left.



Blogger Marta Hoferova said...

OK, thank you for another good suggestin where to go. I will register as well as I am a lay priest (general priesthood of every Christian) ;-). NO, I am joking...

Thank you, Father, for your contributions. I returned from my tour in Italy and had time to browse and read some recent ones. I am happy you enjoyed the visit of my city. Prague is really beautiful and I stayed breathless when I walked through it´s streets. There is even a new terrace at the Prague Castle providing new view of the city, the best ever...

I also enjoyed the music by L´Arpeggiata from the 17th century, it´s fantastic and really not boring!

Lastly I was delighted that WYD presentation of your young parisheners went so well. I knew why I supported them, for this idea of JP II. has really more impact than people can imagine. Very good experience of One Universal Church, loving. Very good seed in the souls which are still searching for the meaning and deapth of life. Give my greetings to Tomas, please.

Tell us then about the advertised conference, ok?

In Christ,

9:00 am  

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