Friday, 29 September 2006

A Perfect Evening

It must be that time of year - I've been tagged in return by Valle Adurni and asked to name five historical figures I'd like to spend an evening with (excluding Our Lord and His Blessed Mother). Well, Fr Sean has already named two people who would be in my A-List: St Philip Neri and Mgr Ronald Knox. So, apart from these, I'd nominate:
  1. St Francis de Sales
  2. St Ralph Sherwin (Protomartyr of the English College, Rome)
  3. Dr Samuel Johnson (token non-Catholic - though he was fairly sympathetic and was also a Jacobite)
  4. Pope Benedict XIV (see picture above)
  5. Nicholas Cardinal Wiseman

Oh dear, they are all men and mostly clerics - just for balance I should have included St Teresa of Avila or Mary of Modena (our last Catholic Queen).

I wonder who Dappled Things and Joanna Bogle would choose?



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