Friday, 13 October 2006

Si Si No No?

Fr Uwe Michael Lang sent me a link to the website of the Corriere della Sera which has a poll on the Old Mass. Since this is a widely-read newspaper, the result of the poll may have quite an effect one way or another.

The question is Siete favorevoli al ritorno della messa in latino? (Are you in favour of the return of the [classical] Mass in Latin?); all you have to do is click Si or No. At the time of writing just under 60% of 21,690 voters are in favour of the Universal Indult.

By the way, I enjoyed this thought on the subject from Dominicanus:
The document will speak, if the sources are to be believed, of one Roman Rite with two expressions. (This reminds me strangely of Communist China's "One Country Two Systems" doctrine about Hong Kong.) The Pauline Rite will be the ordinary Rite, the Pian Rite will be the extraordinary Rite. (One hopes that the extraordinary rite will become as common as extraordinary ministers in the new rite).



Anonymous Joe said...

Enjoy the blog, Fr. It would be good to think that the Extraordinary Rite (if that is what the Old Rite ends being called) becomes as Ordinary as EMHCs, but that's very unlikely, at least in this country.
BTW, Nice photo of Fr Andrew. Do you know where it was taken?

5:12 pm  
Blogger Fr Nicholas said...

The photo is courtesy of the Institute of Christ the King website -

6:48 pm  

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