Thursday, 2 November 2006

High Mass at London's Marian Shrine

I've only been gone two months but look at what they're doing in my old parish of Our Lady of Willesden:

Well, actually we started the tradition of a Latin Mass Society pilgrimage last year, but it's great to see photos of High Mass in the church of my diaconal and priestly ordinations! I think it's one of London's hidden gems, especially since it is completely 'intact.'

A large doff of the biretta to Joee Blogs (check out his post for many more splendid photos) and also to the photographer, Mr Gregory Flash, who I'm sure won't mind me using these photos here.



Anonymous Andrew said...

Yes - it was a moving expierience to serve the old rite at that shrine. I'm glad that the parish priest uses a portable altar versus populum so we could move it to use the high altar - suprising how intact it was left as in the "bad old days". Glad that the "wreckovaters" didn't lay their hands on this beautiful piece of architecture.

4:20 pm  

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