Saturday, 21 October 2006

The Queen

Last night I met a priest friend and went to see The Queen (starring the wonderful Helen Mirren) at a cinema which, appropriately enough, is a short walk away from Kensington Palace.

Based on the events following Diana's death, I wasn't quite sure that I would enjoy the movie but the acting certainly kept my attention and there were some interesting details of palace life. Her Majesty came across fairly well, even if her stiff resolve to 'do nothing' after Diana's death proves to be the wrong decision - but I don't think any of the audience in Kensington would have left with radical republican sentiments. In fact, the only opponent of the Monarchy in the film is Mrs Blair. All in all, it's an interesting study of power and the British Establishment.

According to the today's Telegraph, the film is proving quite a hit in New York and everyone wants to imitate Her Majesty's dress sense. As a regular wearer of a black barbour jacket (it goes nicely with a Roman collar), I was pleased to read that the latest must-have item across the pond is the Beauford - 'a zip-up "classic country" waxed number with a corduroy collar and optional hood.' Another great English export!

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