Sunday, 27 May 2007

Where I'll Be Spending the Bank Holiday

Our parish was founded by the Rosminians in 1854. I'm currently working on two projects: a history of our parish school (est. 1855 and still going strong) and a life of our first parish priest, Fr William Lockhart (the first of Newman's disciples to be received into the Church). Unfortunately (!), the Rosminian archives are centralised at their house in Stresa, on the southern shore of Lago Maggiore and not far from the Swiss border. So I pulled the short straw and the school is funding my short trip to the Italian Lakes to look at the Kingsland file! Before coming to this parish, I didn't know much about Rosmini (a sometimes controversial figure, whose works were formerly placed on the Index) and his Institute of Charity, so it will be a fascinating few days.

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Have a great trip!

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