Thursday, 12 October 2006

Best Blogs

It's meme time again, courtesy of Mulier Fortis. I'm supposed to identify my favourite post from

1. My own blog. Tricky. There's nothing particularly amazing or original. I always enjoy sharing my holiday highlights and emphasising the historical and hagiographical aspects - eg The Irish Saint of Melk, On Rochets, Saroziums and Almutiums, Rule Britannia and even this week's A Pilgrimage to St Albans.

2. Another UK Catholic blog. All the blogs listed to the right are recommended (many of them are UK-based). Joee Blogs post on the Westminster Cathedral demonstrations deserves a mention for attracting so many thousands of visitors and showing our friends across the Atlantic that UK Catholic blogs mean serious business! And I enjoyed Valle Adurni's multi-posts on the Sarum Usage, simply because it brings back memories of my halycon youth (no, I wasn't born in the fifteenth century but I was involved in the Oxford Masses he talks about!).

3. A favourite UK Catholic website. Limiting it to the UK makes it very difficult. I have a soft spot for the history section of the Venerable English College, Rome website (not because I helped write it but because the College's heritage is very dear to me and there are some nice pictures).

I hereby tag the two blogs in my parish: Cally's Kitchen and Ignatius Paul (who has finally started posting - check out his descriptions of my parish's current pilgrimage to Poland).

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