Wednesday, 4 October 2006

The Westminster Succession

Hat-tip to Brendan Allen for alerting the blogosphere to the article in the Racing Post (that great Catholic publication, at least in terms of readership) concerning the next Archbishop of Westminster. Of course, despite the ever-present 'speculation,' it's rather premature to consider such a topic since Cardinal Cormac won't reach 75 until 24 August 2007 and who knows what Rome will decide.

However, it's interesting to see who are thought to be the favourites:

7-2 Kevin McDonald (Southwark)
9-2 Alan Hopes (Aux, Westminster)
9-2 Aidan Nichols OP
5-1 Vincent Nichols (Birmingham)
7-1 Michael Fitzgerald
8-1 Patrick Kelly (Liverpool)
8-1 Arthur Roche (Leeds)
10-1 Peter Smith (Cardiff)
12-1 Bernard Longley (Aux, Westminster)
14-1 Michael Evans (East Anglia)
14-1 Timothy Radcliffe OP
16-1 Patrick O'Donoghue (Lancaster)
20-1 John Rawsthorne (Hallam)
25-1 John Crowley (Middlesborough)

Well, there's a good chance that at least one of these names is a future Archbishop of Westminster. My hunch would be with Roche, V Nichols or Smith. But then the present incumbent at Archbishop's House was given odds of 25-1 at the death of Cardinal Hume...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's an idea ~ call me an old fashioned stick-in-the-mud, but I would love to see a Roman Catholic on the Archepiscopal Throne of Westminster. Someone who's not afraid to be seen acting and talking like a Roman Catholic Prelate! Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing a Prelate like that installed in any Dioceses of England and Wales!!! I guess we're all entitled to dream :c).

My preference from the list would be Bishop Bernard Longley.

From the scourge of Timothy Radcliffe OP ~ Lord, Deliver Us!
From another Bishop, like the ones we already have ~ Lord, Deliver Us!

12:34 pm  
Anonymous Andrew said...

I totally agree... England has suffered from too many Modernists ascending the episcopal seat.

Our country is becoming more Islamic than the Dowry of Mary and all our bishops can do is "apologise" to Muslims for the crusades and "offensive" comments of Pope Benedict.

And the cappa manga has been laid discarded far too long as well. We need a bishop who will wear one. The last time I saw one was a week ago at the Oratory for Cardinal Zen and there was no air of triumphalism - just Catholicism as it should be.

Btw Fr: Are you coming to the Rosary Crusade this Saturday?

4:24 pm  

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