Thursday, 15 June 2006

More Pictures of Tuesday's Mass

Your humble blogger in the midst of his fiery sermon (!)

The Rector of the Shrine, Fr Stephen (he's the one in blue) and the 'altar party' - fiddlebacks are the only option in the present heat wave!

(Photos courtesy of Br Aldo Leone of the Heralds of the Gospel)



Blogger Br Lawrence, O.P. said...

That's as good an excuse as any for fiddlebacks!

11:44 pm  
Anonymous Andrew said...

Aren't the fiddlebacks and those altar servettes/vestal virgins/whatever you want to call them, a little bit of a contradiction?

Just my thoughts...

Mind you Our Lady of Wilesden is the only church I have seen to possess a blue roman chasuble for Our Lady - which I believe you need an indult from the Holy See to wear?

2:29 am  
Blogger Fr Nicholas said...

Since I'm only the curate it's not my place to say too much - however, it is licit to wear fiddlebacks in the presence of girl altar servers, even if it might seem a perplexing case of 'something old and something new.'

10:21 am  
Anonymous Andrew said...

Argh well - can have everything good can we. I know a few Oratorian fathers that might drop dead at the sight of an altar girl.

I do sometimes wish that they would allow blue vestments to be used for the feasts of Our Lady.

There is a good collection of fiddleback chasuble pics from this really good website:

The cappa mangna page is my favourite. It' ll make you cry on how much we have chucked out for the "noble simplicity" rubbish :(

10:03 pm  

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