Saturday, 1 July 2006

Good Luck England!

Just finishing a few things off on the computer before settling down (phone, doorbell and parish priest permitting) to watch England's crucial match against Portugal (historically our 'oldest ally'). If we get through to the semi-finals there's a good chance we'll meet Brazil. Given that we have lots of Portuguese-speaking Brazilians in the parish (several hundred of them come to our Brazilian Mass at 2pm each Sunday), this is going to make things a bit tense in the parish! But such are the joys of belonging to a truly Universal Church!

We ask the intercession of the Ven. William Lloyd, a Welsh-born priest who died in prison a week before his execution (1679) and who had studied at the English seminary in Lisbon, that the best team will win this afternoon - and that there will be no dirty tricks!

By the way, I wonder what team Pope Benedict will be supporting when Germany play Italy in the semi's. At least the loss of Temporal Power has made such allegiances a bit more flexible...

Update: Well, that's it for another four years. At least England held on to extra time with ten men and at least we lost to a good Catholic country. In this part of London, there is a huge Portuguese Victory Parade on the Harrow Road (much to the annoyance of drunken England fans). The Brazilians are also busy watching their match against France, so there's something of a Carnival atmosphere!


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