Saturday, 8 July 2006

New Catholic Culture Blogs

Last month a Roman Miscellany reader all the way from Toledo, Ohio kindly left the following comment: 'Your blog seems to have had an unexpected consequence. I've been wanting to post a comment to tell you how much I enjoy your topics. I finally gave up and signed up for an account and now have a blog of my own. This may be fun.'

Well, the said reader (Jeffrey Smith) now runs not one but three blogs, including The Roving Medievalist ('a spirited defense of a noble Catholic culture and it's lingering spirit') and Triumphant Baroque ('an appreciation of the exuberance of the Baroque in art and architecture, with emphasis on the Catholic Faith that inspired so much of it'). I like Jeffrey's description of himself as a 'cantankerous middle-aged relapsed Catholic who is hopelessly in love with "old unhappy far-off things and battles long ago."'

A belated welcome to the growing Catholic blogosphere!



Blogger Jeffrey Smith said...

It's an infernal addiction. When is someone going to start Bloggers Anonymous?

11:09 pm  

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