Friday, 29 September 2006

Cardinal O'Malley on Daily Mass

I was very pleased to read the following on the Boston Cardinal's blog:
It’s the ideal that priests say Mass every day. It’s the greatest prayer that we can offer for the Church and for our people. That was why we were ordained. I would never miss the opportunity to say Mass. Each time we say Mass, the whole Church is present, even if we are alone.In the Mass we pray for the Pope, the other Bishops, for the living, for the deceased…everyone who has ever been part of the Church is part of the celebration of the Mass. It’s the greatest service that we can give.

So far, I've had the chance to say Mass every day since my Ordination - luckily when travelling to Australia I stopped off at Singapore and said Mass in a packed and very hot pilgrimage church. Anyway, what Cardinal O'Malley writes goes against the popular belief (in some quarters) that private Masses are to be discouraged, especially 'if we are alone.'

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Anonymous Bernard said...

There was another pictuer on his site, where he was facing east, at an altar, hands extendended, presumably saying mass, wearing simply his habit and one of those rediculous stoles with a bit hanging down the back.
I have looked for it again and it has been removed.

2:31 pm  
Anonymous Andrew said...

That latar looks very similar to the one in the London Oratory. He must be at the Chiesa Nuova in Rome...

3:27 pm  
Blogger Fr Nicholas said...

Yes, it is the shrine of St Philip at the Chiesa Nuova.

10:53 pm  
Blogger Joee Blogs said...

Not to be published:
could u do me a favour and help me out answerring a really liberal Catholic's question found here please?
Why is guitar Mass clearly inappropriate...
I'm sure you can address this issue far more fluently than I can...
Cheers Fr,
in Domino,

8:41 pm  
Blogger Norman said...

Dear Father, I live in Singapore. Which church did you say Mass at and when was it?

6:35 am  
Blogger Fr Nicholas said...

I concelebrated and preached at the monthly devotion to Our Lady of Fatima at St Joseph's church on Victoria Street. It must have been 13 September 2005.

7:37 am  

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