Friday, 10 November 2006

Fame Across the Pond

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to be directed to a article in the National Catholic Register on priest bloggers by Eric Scheske. He presents his top ten Catholic priest bloggers and very kindly places Roman Miscellany at number four!!! Here's what he says:
4. Roman Miscellany, by Father Nicholas Schofield. This is my effort to be global. Father Schofield writes from London. I’m sure there are some good French and Italian priest bloggers, but the heck if I can read what they’re writing. As for English-speaking bloggers, the vast bulk of them come from the United States, but Schofield represents the other side of the pond well.
Well, I've never had to represent my country before! The top three blogs are (in reverse order) What Does the Prayer Really Say?, Dappled Things and Catholic Ragemonkey.

He goes on to say:
Is it unbecoming for a priest to do something as mundane as blogging? I don’t think so. I think of their posts as printed homilies, just pithier. Besides, if Thomas Merton could take an oath of silence as a Trappist monk, then speak volumes (and volumes) through his books, why shouldn’t a priest be allowed a little platform?
I think we can all say 'Amen' to that!

Thanks, Eric, for your coverage - and if you're reading this, check out the UK's other priestly bloggers, as found in the list of links.

By the way, today the visitor numbers crossed the magic 20,000 mark. When I reluctantly started the blog in April I never thought I'd still be here in November - and I'm still not sure how long it will last - but thanks for your readership. And let's have some more British Catholic blogs - if I can do it, with my limited computer know-how, then anyone can!



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