Thursday, 25 January 2007

Good Old E-bay!

Over the weekend I paid a fleeting visit to e-bay, conscious that I hadn't done so for several months. Within minutes of typing in one of my favourite searches (the keyword 'religious' in the 'art' section), I found myself bidding. In the end I 'won' an item described as 'old religious scene panal [sic]' for £107. Anyway, rather excitingly, the picture arrived this morning and here it is:

It seems to be St Clare of Assisi - the only thing mystifying me is the palm she is holding. Can any reader enlighten me? Also, if any art experts are reading this, what age would you say it is? It looks like the sort of thing a nun would have painted in the nineteenth century (possibly slightly earlier). Still, not bad for just over £100, especially since it is quite large!

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Blogger Zadok the Roman said...

I was curious about the palm as well, and a little research revealed the following:
Daughters of a count and countess. Her father died young. After hearing Saint Francis of Assisi preach in the streets, she confided to him her desire to live for God, the two became close friends. On Palm Sunday 1212 the bishop presented her with a palm, which she apparently took as a sign. Clare and her cousin Pacifica ran away from her mother's palace during the night. She eventually took the veil of religious profession from Francis at the Church of Our Lady of the Angels in Assisi.

That would seem to explain the palm.

1:02 pm  
Blogger Fr Nicholas said...

Interesting - thank you!

1:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It nedds a little restoration...

2:46 pm  
Blogger Fr Nicholas said...

Yes - the frame has seen better days.

3:17 pm  
Anonymous adoro te said...

I hope you enjoy the picture. I was watching it and had ment to bid too but was away from the computer. Nice to know it has gone to a good home. Can I advise you to be careful on Ebay, I recently received an extremely convincing fake email purporting to come from Ebay security asking me to confirm my password. I was taken in and entered this, it then asked me for a list of personal information incl. bank details. This made me suspicious and hours later I received a ' real' email from Ebay to warn me of a breach in security and to immediately change my password. I used to buy quite a bit on Ebay but have been too busy to give it any time for the last few months and this is, apparently, just what the fraudsters look for.

5:54 pm  
Blogger Fr Nicholas said...

Thanks for the warning - and thanks also for forgetting to bid!

6:21 pm  
Blogger Gillibrand said...

She is also is often shown with a lily.

10:47 am  
Blogger DilexitPrior said...

I was on a retreat two weeks ago at the Poor Clares and they had me read the story about the clothing of St. Clare and it included the bit about the bishop presenting her with the palm. I would have pointed that out, but someone beat me to it. ;-)

11:32 pm  

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