Wednesday, 24 January 2007


Following on from the recent blog discussion on TV - though I admit to owning a TV (which I normally only watch either with a DVD or on Sunday evening, when I feel too tired to do anything more productive), I found the following advert amusing:

I found it in a Catholic book catalogue from America:

You're in the waiting room at your dentist. You've almost had it with the TV blaring the soft-porn soap opera One Life to Live and then it's time for a commercial...The proverbial "straw" has just broken the camel's long-suffering back! This is when TV-B-Gone is at its best. Discreetly point TV-B-Gone at the target TV and press the button - presto! - TV turns off...It may be THEIR TV, but it is YOUR MIND and YOUR SOUL. Which is more important?
If you're interested in buying one, make sure you get the relevant model (European or American) and visit their website. I wish there was a similar gadget to turn off piped music, especially in pubs and restaurants!



Blogger Jeffrey Smith said...

Though I've been known to enjoy EWTN and Cash in the Attic, on BBC America, I'm usually inclined to think Carrie Nation's way of dealing with saloons would be appropriate. Take a hatchet to the blasted apparatus.

1:09 pm  
Blogger Pastor in Valle said...

A good friend of mine brought one of these on a holiday we had in Portugal. The results were often hilarious, occasionally embarrassing. He even succeeded in turning off one of the large monitors in Fatima!
He told me that the same firm was also working on a zapper to turn down, or off, offensive muzak. Get working, lads!

6:01 pm  

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