Friday, 15 June 2007


Just back from our Eucharistic Procession at the primary school, in honour of the Sacred Heart and the Octave (!) of Corpus Christi. Despite the lack of an MC and a few last-minute panics, it went really well and the children were impeccably behaved - especially last Sunday's First Communion children, who were dressed up in their finery and preceded the Blessed Sacrament (while the rest of the school followed behind). The Headmaster was, luckily, happy to avoid the usual temptation of minimalising the liturgy for the perceived sake of the children. So, alongside the childrens hymns, we had old favourites like Sweet Sacrament Divine, and we kept to the traditional Rite of Benediction (in Latin). It is good for the children to be exposed to such things.

Of course, the Lord always comes to our aid in these special occasions, especially in providing a burst of sunshine as we processed outside and had open-air benediction. There was also a good flow to proceedings and the 50 minute ceremonial only felt as if it lasted 10 minutes - even from my sweaty perspective (and it DID get rather warm)!

Pictures to follow when I get them.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely! We had a lovely Mass..i wish i could have recorded the children singing 'O Sacrament Most Holy'..wonderful!

6:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As Jackie said, it sounds wonderful!

I do love Sweet Sacrament Divine...

I couldn't make mass here in my own Parish, so instead went to the incredibly aptly named Parish of the Sacred Heart in Edinburgh (now there must be some indulgence there...harhar).

7:22 pm  

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