Saturday, 2 June 2007

A Victorian Curate

This is one of my predeccessors, Fr William Lewthwaite - a Cambridge graduate and former Anglican clergyman - who was curate at my parish between 1856 and 1874. I love his top hat and gloves!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing photograph...thanks for that..

10:49 am  
Blogger greatgable said...

I subscribe to I have looked up william lewthwaite and lockhart on the census for 1861 and 1871. I have downloaded the entries showing them in the parish. I am happy to email them to you if you are interested.

You may know this already Fr Lockhart was born in wallingham, Surrey. Fr Lewthwaite is from Yorkshire.

fr paul harrison

5:05 pm  
Blogger Administrator said...

I heard it said that Victorian Catholic clergy were required to wear top hats so that they could be assured of at least one clean surface when then visited homes with the Blessed Sacrament - perhaps an ecclesiastical myth!

6:11 pm  

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