Monday, 3 November 2008


It’s been a busy time in the parish – the weekend before last we had an episcopal visitation and this coming week we have a Parish Mission, preached by the wonderful Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, based in Canning Town. They’ll be preaching at all Masses and conducting evening ‘sessions’ from Monday to Thursday. Hopefully they’ll shake us all up a bit.

Tonight, being All Souls Day, the parish had its first scheduled EF Mass (one of two being celebrated in the Deanery). It had only been advertised in two Sunday newsletters but about 60 parishioners eventually turned up. Many seemed familiar with the Usus Antiquior – though not intended to be a dialogue Mass, the congregation made the responses (and did it quite well). They also had no problems in acting accordingly at Holy Communion. Most impressive was the silence – never have I heard our church so quiet. There was no shuffling, no moving around the church and no mobiles going off. Cally’s Kitchen served and his sister took some photos - more can be found on his blog:

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Blogger PeterHWright said...

It's very good to hear the "old" Mass attracted a turn out of 60 - 70 people. That is most encouraging. It looks as though Rome is not going to put a minimum figure on what constitutes a "stable group". (In theory, and I repeat, in theory, this could be as few as three, unless the clarification says otherwise.)

I think PCED probably said all it intended to on this matter when Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos criticised some peoples' "unreasonable demands".

Where there is a priest available to celebrate the old Mass, then people will turn up, I feel sure.

7:46 pm  
Blogger dillydaydream said...

About 15 years ago I used to play the well-tended organ at your parish for the OF Sung Mass. The congregation sang the Missa de Angelis with great tunefulness and enthusiasm. I put it down to the fact that many of the congregation were first and second generation West Indian in those days, and therefore had the expectation that they should and could contribute to the singing. They had obviously been taught well in their youth. Having already got confidence with the language, it does not surprise me that they have returned with joy to the older rite. All credit to Fr Bernard McCumiskey and Fr Howard James for their practical and prayerful enthusiasm - and to their congregation.

9:21 pm  

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