Sunday, 10 September 2006

A Blogging Parish

Well, I survived my first Sunday in the parish - a fairly light one since I only celebrated the Saturday Vigil and this morning's 'Sung Latin' Mass but nevertheless surprisingly draining, since everything and everyone is new. One couldn't ask for a more friendly and welcoming parish, though.

A rather unique aspect of the parish is that we can boast three Catholic bloggers - I doubt any other English parish can claim this. Apart from yours truly, we have Ignatius Paul (a blog of only one post so far - but the blogosphere awaits with great eagerness the next entry) and Cally's Kitchen. It was good to meet Malcolm, the author of the latter, at Mass this evening, as reported on his blog, and encourage readers to visit his site.

This evening I met a priest friend at Canary Wharf for a wonderful meal (with a Breton theme - including some wonderful Breton cider and haddock pancakes), after which I had a glass of wine with two other contemporaries from seminary, both of them priests of the diocese of Brentwood (and one of them acting as the diocesan Vocations Director). Living on the east side of London certainly has its benefits!

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