Saturday, 18 November 2006

A Busy Week

It's been a pretty busy week, especially since my PP has been away the last fortnight, leaving me 'in charge' of one of the largest parishes in this part of London. Luckily no major disasters - last time he went away part of the sacristy ceiling fell down!

I meant to mention that I paid a visit to Westminster Cathedral on Monday. After chatting with the Administrator, Mgr Mark Langham (who reads this blog!), I was shown the Cathedral archive, which is situated in a room once used by the architect, John Francis Bentley, in one of the towers. I spent a happy two hours looking at medieval Books of Hours, Bentley's plans, drawings by Eric Gill, photos of grand functions and a huge model of the Cathedral. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera!

On Friday evening I had a pleasant drink with the author of Cally's Kitchen, who lives in the parish. My rooms are finally ready for entertaining friends, which is always a pleasure, and over the last fortnight a number of brother priests have popped over for drinks or impromptu meals. Anyway, inspired by the conversation with the DĂșnadan , I decided to overcome my reservations and upgrade to Blogger Beta. I think it's worth it and I'm currently putting labels on my old posts.

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