Sunday, 19 November 2006

New Dominican Blog

I've just noticed, courtesy of Fra' Lawrence Lew OP, that the English Dominican Studentate have launched a new 'internet-based project' (essentially a blog), appropriately called Godzdogz. The first post explains the name:
The name 'Dominican', although derived from the name of our holy father and Founder, St Dominic, is also a pun on the Latin phrase "Domini canes" which means 'Dogs of the Lord.'This was itself based on a dream which St Dominic's mother, Blessed Juana de Aza, had in 1170 when she was pregnant: she saw a black and white dog with a torch in its mouth setting the world ablaze. This was interpreted to refer to St Dominic and his spiritual children, the Dominican Order - in their black and white habits - whose preaching brings the light of Gospel truth to shine upon and inflame the world with divine love.And so, this site represents the 'barks' of this pack of 'God's dogs', hopefully gathering all into the flock of Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd!
The blog is based around the four essential aspects of Dominican life - prayer (reflections), preaching (written and audio-visual), study ('a virtual Quodlibeta')) and community (news and events). It promises to be a fascinating read and starts in earnest in Advent, although I've already put it on my 'blogroll.' It replaces the pioneering Dominican blog of Fra' Lawrence, Contemplata aliis tradere, which has now been discontinued. I've also added to my list the new(ish) blog of some brave English seminarians, Orthfully Catholic.



Blogger Br Lawrence, O.P. said...

Thank you for noticing us, Father and placing us on your blogroll. As you said, more will be forthcoming once term ends and Advent begins!

Some of us are very new to blogging so it will take some time to get used to it, but we have plans, God willing, for the blog in 2007 to include Q&A, movie & music reviews as well as articles and talks, videos etc!

3:36 pm  

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