Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Towards Advent

Just to reminder you that the 'Towards Advent' Festival is this Saturday (8th November) at Westminster Cathedral Hall. Doors open from 10am and at 10.30 His Eminence will officially open proceedings, with the help of the choir of La Retraite School, Clapham Park.

There are two speakers: first, at 11 am, is Aidan Nichols, OP, who is talking on the Conversion of England. He is followed at 12.30pm by the Roman Miscellenist and I'll be looking at the Westminster Cardinals (of the past rather than the future!). Tickets for these talks are available on the day, priced (I think) at £3.

At 3pm Jeremy de Satge will lead a Workshop on Gregorian Chant. All day there are displays by Catholic groups and organisations and stalls selling books, DVDs, Christmas gifts, etc. Joanna Bogle will also be leading tours of the Cathedral.

It's a fun and inspiring day - especially since it gives an insight into all the good things happening in the English Catholic Church. So do come along!



Blogger Marta Hoferova said...

Hallo, Father Nicholas,

good luck with your talk!

Today, I sent a question about wielding the sword by the knights during the words of consecration to the Order of the Knights from Malta and I got the answer at once!

„During 1000 years of the existence of the orders of the knights, there were more changes as in clothing as in liturgy. Nevertheless, there was always the rule of dual approach at the mass.

It is neccessary to divide secular knights (miles, e.g. soldiers) and regular knights (e.g. armed monks). It is really just a tradition to unsheathe the sword at consecration, mentioned as far as the times of Charlemagne (800AD). What is more, it was possible to do so only in the masses being said in the time of military clash with intention of victory in order of defence or evangelization. Only secular knights could act in this way. On the other hand, regular knights, thus members of the consacrated-life-congregations who belong to the Catholic Church (e.g. of religious orders), don´t go for a mass in a uniform (weapon) but they use a special liturgical clothing (habit). Johanites – the Knights of Malta: black habit with full white eight-tipped cross on the left arm (for the professors with professional wows) or with a white outlined cross on the chest (for laity without professional wows). German Knights a white overcoat on a black habit, with full latin cross. Templars red cross on a white habit. Lazarians, before they were dismissed from the consacrated-life-congragations, with a green eight-tipped cross.

At the mass, dressed in the liturgical clothes (habits), the knights then had a seat on the epistolic part of the sactuary, whilst the regular priests had a seat oppositly – on the Gospel part of the sanctuary. If they didn´t concelabrate, they wore the same habit as the knights.

The origin of the orders of the knights comes from crusades, when a regular state of a monk – soldier was established, and who pararelly served as in a hospital as an armed fighter. On the other hand, at the other orders, holding and thus use of a weapon was excluded. The weapon was allowed to a regular knight to the uniform, which he has to put aside after getting change.“

N.B. My grandma, RIP, used to sing in her local church´s choir and at one music festival, „her“ and many other choirs from abroad had chance to experience unsheating the sword by the secular knights!

Marta Höferová

P.S. Have you been to APGL conference? And please pray for me more, I need it in this period! Also I still remember you all in my daily prayers. Many thanks!

10:01 pm  

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