Thursday, 14 September 2006

'Roman Miscellany' At Home

I love nosing round people's homes (and especially presbyteries) and so, with this mind, I thought I might publish some photos of the study in my new parish, the most photogenic of my rooms. It's a way of celebrating the end of the most intensive stage of unpacking and moving in.

Here's the fake mantelpiece, above which you can see two large prints of SS Boniface and Willibrord (dating from 1714), an oval Agnus Dei (blessed by St Pius X) and a small eighteenth century painting of St Walburga. Below in a sort of converted bread bin is a zucchetto used by John Paul II during his pilgrimage to Great Britain in 1982 - it recently came into my possession and I'll take it into the diocesan archive soon. On the shelf are some of my favourite nic-naks - you know, the usual things like a model of the carriage in which Blessed Pius IX fled to Gaeta in 1848, a statue of St Nicholas, a bust of Pius XI and a Benedict XVI incense burner (you put an incense cone inside the figure and sweet-smelling smoke comes out of the mouth - I bought it at the Abbey of Diessen in February):

Turn round and you'll see my (untidy) desk and the computer on which this blog is composed. The cupboard on the left stores my collection of relics and you can just see, on top of the far bookcases, some Venetian masks and an imitation Zulu War helmet.

It's the perfect room for a twenty first century curate, full of gaudium et spes!

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Blogger chattr said...

Having just read The life of Pope Pius IX, which of course has an account of the flight from Rome, in disguise, as I recall, the carriage is quite interesting. Would you post a close up? Thanks in advance.

12:15 pm  

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